Preschool Program

Things you should know about our Preschool Program

  • We use Creative Curriculum– it aligns with the Early Learning & Development Standards of Ohio and provides a variety of  hands on, teacher lead & child initiated activities.  It allows each child to learn and investigate at their own pace, this instills a love of learning at an early age.
  • We use a variety of formats to “teach” the children every day.  Table time, circle time, center time, music time, reading time, are all utilized daily.
  • Our Preschool Staff are Highly Educated and have been with us since we opened in 2009.
  • We keep a 8 to 1 ratio which means that each child receives individual attention
  • We tailor lesson plans to meet each individuals needs.
  • We complete a developmental screening (ASQ III) within the first 60 days of attending our center.  This provides us, and you, vital information about how your child compares to the expectations for other children at the same age.  It identifies, strengths, opportunities and helps us determine the best coarse of action to prepare your child for kindergarten.
  • We complete an ongoing  developmental assessment throughout the year and document your child’s progress.
  • We hold parent-teacher conferences two times each year to provide the results of the initial screening and ongoing assessment.  This is a good time for parents to ask questions, provide feedback and let us know how your child is feeling about their experience with us.
  • We participate in the Ohio Department of Education Early Learning Grant and you may qualify for FREE Preschool!! Call us to find out if you qualify!! 614-230-2001




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