Preschool & Full Time Child Care

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Are you worried about finding the best child care, day care or preschool Program for you child?

Do you need help knowing the right questions to ask to help you find a quality program that will nuture, love and inspire learning for your child?

Do you worry that your child will not receive the nuturing guidance and love when not with you?

You are not alone.  Finding a quality Child Care Program that meets you and your child’s needs can be an overwhelming task.

Here is a link that explains what a quality Child Care Program looks like

 Welcome to Family Focus Learning Center

We understand the needs of young children.  We provide a nurturing enviroment for your child to learn, explore and grow.

Our days are filled with skill-building play, hugs, and opportunities to explore and learn.

Your child receives individualzed attention and guidance. We have low teacher- to- child ratios.  This allow us to provide the attention and nurturing that your child deserves.  We also individualize our a lesson plan for each child.

Classroom          State Ratio          FFLC Ratio

Preschool            12:1                     8:1

School Age          18:1                     10:1

We have a large playground with lots of grass!

Our Teachers are long-term and highly qualified and each have over 15 years of experience working with children.  They complete many hours of on-going training each year to stay fresh and receive the latest information on research that is vital to the developement and growth of young children.

We are here for the whole family.  We want to support the most important people in our children’s lives-  Their Cargivers!  We are here to provide resources, information and help you talk through concerns and issues that you and your family are facing.